23 of the best motion designers to follow for visual inspiration (2024)

Over the last decade, motion design has become an increasingly important skill for every creative to have. And the last few months have only accelerated this trend. With traditional filming made impossible by lockdown, motion design has jumped in to fill the gap, and designers and illustrators boasting this ability have been more in demand than ever.

Written by: Tom May

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In short, whatever stage you're at in your career, it's a great time to get some professional training in motion design. We recommend Created, whose hands-on courses are delivered in partnership with some of the biggest and best names in the industry. You'll get all the skills and personal development you'll need to succeed in motion design, not to mention an interview-ready portfolio, filled with work based on real-world briefs. All delivered in a flexible way that you can combine with study, part-time work, or even full-time work.

Meanwhile, if you're seeking visual inspiration, then the web is chock-full of amazing motion designers to follow. In this article, we bring together 23 of the best – in no particular order.

1. Henrique Barone

Describing himself as a "frame-by-frame enthusiast", Henrique Barone is a freelance animator and creative director based in Vancouver, Canada. From creating crazy motion to subtle and tranquil moments for advertising, music videos, TV shows and social media campaigns, he loves to "tune an illustrator's style and make it move, understanding, and respecting its language while focusing on the range of emotions the frames can convey". Henrique recently partnered with the illustration agency, Handsome Frank, to bring a variety of illustrators' work to life.

2. Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen is an illustrator, animator, and GIF artist from Hong Kong, currently living in New York. With an evident love for cute cats, her Asian-influenced, 3D motion graphics are a joy to behold.

3. Jaedoo Lee

Jaedoo Lee is an illustrator and animator based in New York. His work often uses thin outlines with bold saturated colours, and he claims that his illustrations, in particular, are often just "corny jokes". He is currently represented by Jacky Winter Group.

4. Eva Cremers

Eva Cremers is a 3D illustrator from the Netherlands with clients including Apple, Nike and the New York Times. Her style is characteristically bold, bright and wonderfully eye-catching, and will inspire any motion designer working today. Check out her new website, which channels some serious Willy Wonka vibes.

5. Pablo Rochat

An art director based in San Francisco, Pablo Rochat taps into online culture to create fun content for brands. With clients including Facebook, Netflix, Instagram and Airbnb, his motion design work often evokes the feel of the early web, to brilliant effect.

6. Andrei Staruiala

Andrei Staruiala is an Edinburgh-based freelance motion designer working on commercials, brand films, music promos, short films and animations. His work covers a range of artistic styles, from isometric to painterly, but he always brings a fresh perspective that makes it distinctively his.

7. Rosie Phillpot

Rosie Phillpot is a freelance animator and illustrator based in Cheltenham, UK. Specialising in 2D animation, motion graphics and digital illustration, Rosie works for a wide range of clients from global brands to local agencies and start-ups. Names she's already worked with include Microsoft, O2, IBM, and Virgin Atlantic.

8. Mikey Dowdle

Mikey Dowdle works as a motion designer and animator at Art&Graft, an independent, award-winning studio based in London, UK. His 3D motion graphics are infused with verve and cheekiness that will instantly put a smile on your face. Drawn mostly to 3D characterful animation, Mikey says he's influenced by geometric shapes and bold colours – "Probably a bi-product of my graphic design background," he says.

9. Stephen Ong

Stephen Ong is an animator, designer and film-maker based in the UK who uses playful design and animation to tell short stories. There is an immediate energy and vibrancy to his work that makes it stand above the crowd.

10. Marco Cheatham

Marco Cheatham is an art director and illustrator based in St. Louis, Missouri. His work is focused on both editorial and motion design. And he's a big fan of simple shapes and bold colours to create playful characters and simple narratives in his work.

11. Eleanor Ngai

Eleanor Ngai is a design-driven motion graphics designer and illustrator from New Zealand who is currently freelancing from London. With clients including Red Bull Studios, Reggie Yates, Nickelodeon, Facebook and Coca Cola, her work is hip, on-trend and full of energy.

12. Julian Glander

Julian Glander is a well-known 3D artist and animator based in the USA. His goofy and larger-than-life motion design work, for clients including Adult Swim, Disney and LeBron James, is quite simply like nothing else around.

13. Louis Wes

With a passion for nostalgia and bright colour, Louis Wes is definitely someone to have on your radar. Currently based in New Jersey, originally from California, he's an illustrator and animator who's done projects for everyone from Apple, Facebook and Google to Target, CNN, and Red Cross.

14. Marta Azaña

Born and raised in Madrid and now living in Bristol, UK, Marta Azaña is a freelance motion designer and animator. She collaborates with clients to create explainer videos, animated logos and GIFs as well as illustrations and artwork for animations, which are typically vibrant, stylish and irresistibly eye-catching.

15. Paul McMahon

Paul McMahon, aka The Rusted Pixel, is a 3D director/designer based in Donegal, Ireland, with strong illustration and motion skills. Working in CINEMA4D for 10 years, he's a self-taught artist who is mostly driven by experimenting and trying to evolve his style. His bold, colourful and often atmospheric work is deceptive in its simplicity and bursting with playful charm.

16. Tony Babel

Tony Babel is a multidisciplinary designer, animator and illustrator from Israel specialising in rich animations for digital products. His looping animations, inspired by vintage cartoons, are utterly entrancing.

17. Lana Simanenkova

An Estonian living in London, Lana Simanenkova is a freelance animator and illustrator. There's a lovely feel to her motion design work, which combines the best of old-school animation with a contemporary flat-design approach.

18. Andrius Vizbaras

Andrius Vizbaras is a London-based motion designer who trained with Created. Working freelance since last November, he's already worked on an advert for O2, and his portfolio is full of dramatic and dazzling 2D and 3D motion work.

19. Nuria Boj

Nuria Boj is a freelance illustrator and motion designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland who works for international clients and animation studios. She always offers a unique and original point of view that can't be mistaken for anyone else's.

20. Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is a freelance animator and director based in Manchester, UK. If you're looking for a great example of how to bring traditional 2D illustration to moving life, you won't find better, and her artful looping experiments are a joy to behold.

21. Erica Anderson

Erica Anderson is Belgium-born American on a quest to "make fine art that moves". A freelancer by day, a GIF maker by night, her clients include the likes of Jai Wolf, Manila Killa, Lionsgate and MIT. Check out her loops and abstract animations for an instant hit of inspiration.

22. Andy Evans

Andy Evans is a motion designer based in London with over seven years' experience creating content for broadcast, live events and social, collaborating with the likes of BBC, Rolls Royce and Tesco. A master of the motion design collage, his work mashes up photography and illustration, 2D and 3D, to brilliant effect.

23. Devon Moodley

Devon Moodley is a South African born, New Zealand raised motion graphics designer pushing keyframes from Amsterdam to the world. We love this piece he animated for illustrator Eleanor Ngai.

23 of the best motion designers to follow for visual inspiration (2024)


23 of the best motion designers to follow for visual inspiration? ›

A motion graphic designer should be comfortable with and have enough knowledge about traditional art to make the learning process more interesting and dynamic. It will also allow you to communicate with your designs and help you understand how to bring motion design into the picture.

Where can I find inspiration for motion graphics? ›

Awesome Galleries to Inspire Your Motion Design Projects
  • Vimeo Channels.
  • Dribbble.
  • Pinterest.
  • InspirationGrid.
  • Art Of The Title.
  • STASH.
  • Motionographer.
Mar 1, 2022

What makes a good motion designer? ›

A motion graphic designer should be comfortable with and have enough knowledge about traditional art to make the learning process more interesting and dynamic. It will also allow you to communicate with your designs and help you understand how to bring motion design into the picture.

What is the difference between a visual designer and a motion designer? ›

Graphic designers explain a concept through visuals, and motion graphics designers do the same but with movement. Illustrators create a visual story, and animators give the story life. Motion graphics relates more to the work of graphic designers while animation is more similar to illustration.

Who are the pioneers of motion graphics? ›

Pioneers in the field such as Hans Richter, Walter Ruttmann, John Whitney and Charles Csuri have all been influential in advancing motion graphics technology over time. Nowadays these can be seen almost everywhere, from title sequences on TV shows to marketing videos featured prominently across social media platforms.

What software do you use for motion graphics? ›

The most important software to master as a Motion Graphic artist is Adobe After Effects. While you can create motion design projects in other programs, nothing is more versatile and essential to a modern Motion Graphics workflow. After Effects is a 2.5D animation software.

Can you teach yourself motion graphics? ›

For even more flexibility, you can also teach yourself Motion Graphics Design using the huge array of online resources available. Sites such as Udemy and Skillshare are a great place to look for courses on specific software you need to learn, such as After Effects.

How much do top motion designers make? ›


What skills do you need for motion graphics? ›

A career in motion graphics requires an understanding of design principles such as layout, typography, and color theory. You'll need to be a creative thinker and know the principles of motion graphics and animation. It's essential to master design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.

What is the average rate for a motion designer? ›

Rates typically charged by motion graphic designers on Upwork are: Beginner: $28 per hour. Intermediate: $58 per hour. Advanced: $325 per hour.

Which is better graphic designer or visual designer? ›

Graphic designers work on projects from start to finish: they create concepts, sketches, and mock-ups before creating finished designs in Photoshop or Illustrator. Visual designers are more involved in the design process, but their main focus is on the end-user experience rather than the actual design itself.

Is there a demand for motion designers? ›

The demand for animation and motion design is rising. In recent years, more companies have started incorporating motion into their brands, digital products, and social media strategies. And at large organizations, in-house motion design teams are increasingly common.

What do you call a motion graphic designer? ›

Animation Artist, Graphic Designer. Motion Graphics Designers, sometimes just called motion designers, create artwork for the web, television, or film. They use visual effects, animation and other cinematic techniques to bring life to their creations.

What is the oldest motion graphics? ›

While there is no concrete timeline for the exact beginning of motion graphics, experts agree that it began in the 1800s. Specifically, Walter Ruttmann, a German filmmaker, was the first director to actually employ visualization techniques like motion graphics.

Is a motion designer a graphic designer? ›

Graphic design does not involve animation. Graphic designers work with still images, either in a digital format or in print, such as posters, business cards, or stationery. Once there is movement, graphic design becomes motion graphics.

How to start a motion graphics business? ›

Consider these steps on your way to becoming a motion graphics designer:
  1. Earn a bachelor's degree. ...
  2. Learn how to use the required tools. ...
  3. Create a visual library. ...
  4. Learn the 12 principles of animation. ...
  5. Constantly improve your knowledge base. ...
  6. Start building a portfolio and seek out collaborations. ...
  7. Build a client base.
Nov 28, 2022

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